Sam Allardyce – English Football – Standards?


Leadership At Its Worst?

The BIG News this week is that England Football Manager Sam Allardyce has resigned his position, and after just one match.

Undercover reporters claiming to be representatives of a Far East organisation wishing to intentionally breach professional standards in terms of player and club ownership recorded Mr Allardyce (apparently) behaving badly, and breaching the very clear standards the FA has in place.  The bad thing here is Mr Allardyce had stated for many years that he would love to be the Manager of the English football team.  The one good thing here is…he is the ONLY England Manager to leave his post with a 100% win record!  OK, it was only a single competitive game he was in charge for, but, a 100% win record would look good on any managers cv, right?

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

The full video recording and indeed the context surrounding the conversation in which Mr Allardyce ‘behaved badly’ has not been published as yet.  But, even though entrapment is deemed by some commentators to have ‘Won the day’, isn’t there an absolutely clear message here in terms of what kinds of invitations people in leadership roles, both public figures and others, should accept, and then what kinds of conversations to become actively involved in, and ones to absolutely steer clear of, or quickly remove yourself from?

Emotional Intelligence Competencies

Whether Mr Allardyce was seeking a ‘bung’ or payment of some kind for access to information he had, and others wanted, I do not know.  One thing which is clear though is that Mr Allardyce’s Decision Making and Impulse Control were either so low he didn’t consider in advance the potential consequences and implications of his comments, actions and even presence at such a meeting, or, when he was ‘in the moment’, his brain was so caught up in enjoying the discussion that his tongue wagged a little too loosely.  And now look what the outcome is.  England’s new Manager is no more – and after just a single game in charge.



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