Management Training on Emotional Intelligence


Have you ever attended a management training course, or booked a management training course for your organisation, with high hopes, only to feel somewhat deflated when managers’ returned full of motivation and ‘get up and go’, only for this ‘feel-good’ factor to dissipate in the weeks, or even possibly days, after returning to the daily reality of your workplace?

One vital aspect of Management Training if it is to add genuine value to the organisation, is the inclusion of Emotional Intelligence skills. Why? ¬†There are many reasons, but essentially, Emotional Intelligence learning enables managers to take a moment to reflect, to think, and to decide what they can do, and are open to, doing differently. ¬†And that’s what happened when we delivered an Emotional Intelligence for Managers training course for this client.

Take a look and see how bespoke management training focused on Emotional Intelligence can help.