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September 19, 2017

Hi. Scott here.

One thing that, as a manager, it’s really important that you are open to learning and actually applying on a day-to-day basis is creating personal ownership of outcomes being achieved. This is not abdicating responsibility and putting things on people’s desks that you don’t want to do or can’t do or have no intention of doing. It’s about helping people understand that you’re their manager. You’re there to allocate work. You’re there to support them in the achievement of the outcomes that they trusted, paid and expected to deliver for the organisation. Also, they’re responsible for the care that they take, the input that they have in a team discussion about how to improve something, process, refine a system or stop problems occurring.

Think of it this way. Personal ownership. There are times, if you’re a parent or about to be a parent, there are times when you’ll have a baby and at that point, he or she is learning to walk and he or she will fall over. They’re going to fall over because it’s part of learning. It’s part of them evolving and noticing that they need to do something different to actually walk and be successful. Think of that principle in the workplace. They are times with the child where if you keep picking him or her up, they’re going to just fall over so they get a hug from you, that attention.

The same principle applies in a very strange way in the workplace as well. You’ve got to get people to learn to walk on their own two feet. Yes, they will fall over occasionally but as long as those occasions are not due to lack of care or effort or desire to do the right thing, it’s because they overlooked something. Please help your people learn to walk for themselves. Help them take responsibility and help them understand not just why they’re doing something or what they’ve got to do but the value it’s going to add to your organisation, to your team and ultimately, to him or her or them by doing it right first time. Create personal ownership. Help people understand the reason for it and need for it.

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