New Year Resolutions & Emotional Intelligence


THE Reason I Don’t Bother With New Year Resolutions…How About You?

I prefer not to bother with resolutions which historically, my commitment has begun to stall anything from 10 days in to 10 minutes in to the new year. Instead, I prefer to reflect on what I’ve learned (including the painful learnings), who I’ve learned from, and what I can begin, or continue to apply and put to good use in the days, weeks and months ahead.

One MAJOR aspect for me is raising my own personal standards.  I am lucky enough to have time around audience members from a variety of industry sectors.  The one which most stands out for me in terms of raising standards, setting the metaphorical bar REALLY HIGH, but helping folk do their damnedest to reach it, and be proud of reaching it when they do, is the UK’s Royal Air Force.   This audience were genuinely and commendably open to exploring how Emotional Intelligence could help them operate even more effectively…and these ladies and gentlemen are amongst the best in the world as a team.

Perhaps park resolutions for a moment and invite someone to help you raise your standards in the areas you most want or need to raise them.