Performance Management Training


Performance Management – The Language of Ownership.

So many managers tell me that getting a colleague who is refusing to do something they really should do, but repeatedly object to doing, is one of their biggest headaches and time stealers.

The use of language to encourage the colleague’s brain to WANT TO pay attention and then consider benefits and consequences is a fab way to engage.

This pattern works rather well (when delivered assertively, at the right time, for the right reasons)… “The organisation is paying, trusting AND expecting you to work within specified boundaries. My request to you is made within those boundaries…is it not?”

Why does this work so well for so many Managers?

1.  The Power of 3.  Paying, Trusting, Expecting.

2. The use of AND.  When your voice is slightly raised as you say ‘AND’, it stacks the third point at an emotional level on top of the first two points.

3.  The closing question, a tag question, gives the recipient of your communication a moment to reflect.  Rather than risk blaming, arguing, controlling, the question allows a moment to think, to reflect, to decide.

If you have to hold a performance management discussion, perhaps be more aware of your use of language and review whether your choice of language is moving your colleague towards a solution, or not.

Pic by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash