Emotional Intelligence in Teams

Emotional Intelligence speaker Scott Watson was appointed by Capita’s career screening subsidiary to facilitate a hands-on 2-hour exploration of how Emotional Intelligence can enable managers and their teams to reduce errors, improve quality, engage team members.

The interactive, light-hearted Emotional Intelligence session provided a versatile, easy and enjoyable way for the 40 managers to improve their personal effectiveness as a manage and collective effectiveness as team leaders.

The skills, tools and Emotional Intelligence principles learned proved to be a big hit with participants, and the project sponsor

Client expectations and goals were to:-

  • Equip managers with skills that would enable them to manage themselves, their focus and their priorities better.
  • Expand managers’ ability and willingness to replace management of task with engagement of team members.
  • Develop a more collaborative management style which involved conversational coaching to boost quality.
  • Address poor performance issues more proactively with a focus on a win-win outcome.