Royal Air Force


Emotional Intelligence was something the client had heard about, but not explored in any great detail.

The Royal Air Force is renowned for extremely high standards, discipline and traditionally, a command and control approach to managing people, so developing a more Emotionally Intelligent way of managing people and working within and across teams was something completely new.

Emotional Intelligence Speaker Scott Watson delivered two 90-minute presentations, one focusing on how to confidently give and receive meaningful feedback to others, and the second focusing on Emotionally Intelligent management of people.

Client goals were to:-

  • Understand how Emotional Intelligence could complement and improve current methods of communicating and working.
  • Encourage candid and meaningful feedback upwards to leaders as well as downwards to subordinates.
  • Develop more collaborative communication in the learning environment to boost recruits’ acquisition of knowledge and competence.
  • Explore how the human brain prefers ‘auto pilot’ thinking and how habits can be easily changed and improved.
  • Provide audience members with a proven toolkit of Emotional Intelligence skills they could apply each and every day in their professional and personal lives.