Conference and in-company keynote presentations are delivered by Scott Watson. Coaching programmes are delivered by Scott Watson or a member of his carefully selected, expert Executive Coaches.

Team learning programmes are facilitated by one of Scott’s personally trained and certified facilitators.
Your team learning programme may be facilitated by Scott Watson subject to his availability. A premium applies to your financial investment in this case.Executive Coaching is held either in person or via Zoom Meetings. Team learning programmes are delivered at your preferred venue, whether that be your offices or an off-site venue.

Please note that your financial investment quoted in any proposal relates specifically to the design, facilitation and evaluation of your project, and does not include venue, travel or accommodation costs for Scott Watson or your participants.
For group learning events, the minimum number of participants is 6. Maximum participant numbers is 30, unless a larger team development event.

For conference events no minimum of maximum participant numbers apply.
Simply contact Scott’s support team and arrange a time to speak with Scott by phone. Please be aware that unlike other executive coaches who automatically accept requests to collaborate, Scott doesn’t.

Ensuring that genuine value can be delivered for you the trusting client, and your organisation is vital. Scott is eager to collaborate with individuals who can actually enjoy the coaching collaboration too. If this isn’t you, it would be a good idea to find an alternative executive coach.Yes. Scott is a Certified Master Trainer of the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 Certification programmes on behalf of Multi Health Systems Inc. Due to Scott’s hectic international schedule, Certification programmes are delivered throughout the UK just 4 times per year. Please do get in touch to find out dates for remaining 2019 dates.

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