Emotional Intelligence Seminar in Sydney Australia

Emotional Intelligence Seminar in Sydney Australia for managers wanting to partner technical competence with essential Emotional Intelligence skills which can bolster team performance, employee engagement and personal effectiveness. Facilitated by Mr Emotional Intelligence.

3rd September 2016

Emotional Intelligence Seminar – Sydney Australia

It was a pleasure to be invited to present a bespoke two-day management development training seminar for 30 eager managers on behalf of Marcus Evans Group.

The Pullman Hotel, Hyde Park, Sydney was the venue for this immersive, interactive management development seminar which attracted participants from 24 different organisations from across Australia.

The key themes of the seminar included:-

*How to become an Emotionally Intelligent Manager

*How to develop a Right First Time, On Time, Every Time quality culture

*How to become a more influential and persuasive Manager

*How to boost Employee Engagement and Motivation

*How to proactively deal with poor performance issues

Feedback from participants was fantastic and we thank Marcus Evans Group for trusting us to present on their behalf.

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