Training Seminars

The EI Leader (Training Course)


Emotional Intelligence does not replace technical competence of course; but it can definitely complement technical competence and enable leaders to consistently perform at, or near their best. And this is where the focus is for this hands-on learning event.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader programme can be delivered as a stand-alone one-day event or as a modular two-day event over a 3 to 6 week period.


  • Manage their emotional states and mental focus more proactively and productively.
  • Achieve more in less time by managing their emotional impulses.
  • Turnaround a poorly performing team member or team collectively.
  • Solve complex problems with less stress, more quickly.
  • Communicate more confidently and competently in difficult situations.
  • Build strong, open and transparent win-win relationships that deliver best value.
  • Invest time in delivering genuine value rather than simply ‘task completion’.
  • Coach colleague towards consistently high performance.

The Emotionally Intelligent Team (Training Course)


The Emotionally Intelligent Team Masterclass gives you a proven ‘Blueprint’ of how to develop higher levels of Emotional Intelligence in your teams. When you apply what you will learn in this thought-provoking one-day programme, your personal and operational performance can rocket!

This one-day programme was designed by Scott Watson to enable teams of all sizes to review, refine and improve how they communicate, collaborate and deliver value for the organisation.


  • Develop a healthier ‘Emotional Climate’ which enables high levels of employee engagement and commitment.
  • Constructively use disagreement and conflict to maximise team focus and performance.
  • Motivate themselves more easily and focus on delivering organisational priorities more effectively.
  • Strategically use Silo and Collaborative working habits to streamline and improve operational effectiveness.
  • Develop high-trust, low maintenance working relationships that remove roadblocks to success.

Personal Impact Training (Training Course)


Do your leaders really understand how their personal impact either helps or hurts team engagement, operational performance and results? If they don’t, they could benefit immensely from Scott’s action-packed, one-day Personal Impact Training for Leaders Masterclass.

The one-day Personal Impact Training for Leaders Masterclass has been designed by Scott Watson to equip Leaders with the most effective, flexible and proven tools, techniques and skills they need to maximise their personal impact, and deliver even more value for your organisation.


  • Quickly and easily boost their self-awareness and view their personal impact from other people’s perspective.
  • Proactively develop practical ways to manage impulsiveness and personal impact.
  • Become the kind of manager that team members actually want to follow by choice.
  • Understand how your personal impact either helps or hurts team motivation and performance.
  • Streamline communication and deliver optimal impact with minimum effort.
  • Break the cycle of poor performance or conduct issues with Scott’s ’Two-Minute’ Turnaround’ process.
  • Switch between collaborative, coaching and directive management styles to achieve the best results.
  • Promote greater personal ownership of conduct, productivity, quality and motivation.
  • Confidently and quickly address and resolve poor performance issues.