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August 24, 2016

Emotional Intelligence Training for Managers 

Emotional Intelligence Training for Managers is too often dismissed when developing high potential managers.  Perhaps it continues to be viewed by some HR leaders and company bosses as ‘soft’ and ‘not commercially beneficial’.  Yes, I’ve heard most reasons as to why Emotional Intelligence remains on the periphery of management education.  But here’s a nice change to the norm!

How To Boost Your Management Training and Performance With Emotional Intelligence

DHL Express based in Bahrain invited me and my team to collaborate with them on a project designed to identify, develop and support 26 high potential managers located throughout the Middle East region.  A very process and time focused organisation for obvious reasons, an imbalance of process and people had been the culture for many years.  The HR Leader decided that a change was needed, and he was going to push through Emotional Intelligence as a management development solution, however difficult his challenge may prove to be!

The modular 6-day Management Development programme explored Emotional Intelligence competencies focused on firstly developing greater Self Awareness, Self Management and Impulse Control capability, before moving on to how to develop high trust relationships which engendered greater collaboration where needed, speedier and more valuable decision making, and how to boost employee engagement too – individually and collectively.

Remember How Much Fun Management Training and Teamwork Was?

The management training programme avoided endless Powerpoint presentations, instead focusing on developing an inclusive, collaborative and thought-provoking learning environment where high potential managers could safely explore their people management strengths, and also, their development needs too regarding how to become a highly effective manager.

The hands-on management training programme involved challenging management team activities, group discussion, self reflection and facilitated learning on key management development skills and tools.  A wonderful time was had by all, so much so that we were invited to return to Bahrain to support DHL Aviations managers to enhance their personal and collective performance too.

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