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November 15, 2016

Change Management is usually associated with initiating, and hopefully (at some pre-defined point) successfully implementing something new, or different.  This can include a new way of working, a new organisational structure, a group of new teams and departments following a takeover or merger, or even, a new IT system that will somehow make everybody’s life a little easier, right?

No!  Well, not exactly.  It’s never that simple, straightforward or headache-free.

The one aspect of organisational change management often overlooked, or at least not explored in the kind of detail deserving is the people aspect.  OK, I know ‘People are our most important asset‘ posters may cover each and every wall of your offices, and your Staff Handbook (not that most people ever read it) may reflect your organisation’s values and standards in wonderfully colourful stock photos and clipart.  But, and it is a very BIG ‘BUT’, the people aspect needs to deliver something so much more worthwhile, meaningful and valuable than the standard ‘Is everyone ok?’ message.  Often, they’re not ok at all, even if they say they are.

Change Management Presentations

My bespoke change management keynote presentations certainly do touch on the technological advancements which drive organisational change, and they also take a healthy prod at some of the long-believed, but factually inaccurate cliches and beliefs leaders, and employees hold about change.  They also delve deep in to:-

  • The psychology of why some people resist change while others simply get on with it.
  • Why even the best planned organisational change projects and initiatives fail (and how to fix it).
  • How to make change meaningful so that even the protesters can begin to accept it.
  • How and why leaders and managers need to lead by example from start to finish.
  • What 3 specific things you need to do to reduce resistance and boost emotional engagement.

Change Management Keynote Presentations include

  • Why Resistance Isn’t (Always) Futile 
  • How, Why and When Managers Need To Lead Change
  • How To Boost Employee Engagement, Commitment and Motivation
  • The Change Management Masterclass (3 action-packed hours)


Bespoke Change Management Presentations

Each Change Management Keynote Presentation is up to 90 minutes unless otherwise stated.  Each presentation involves a healthy mix of presentation, activity and reflection so that your audience members can explore how to successfully transfer their learning, new information and change management toolkit back to your organisation.




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