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Emotional Intelligence Training for Managers

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The thing about emotional intelligence is, it’s enabling people to get engaged without making them feel that everything they’ve decided, chosen to do, how to behave up to that point has been wrong. Many training courses say, “Do this and everything will be fine.” It completely negates the person’s right to think for themselves. Emotional intelligence doesn’t.

Emotional intelligence is not a replacement for technical competence. What is does though is compliment technical competence with some deeper human skills about getting people to want to be involved, developing high trust relationships, developing a realistic optimism versus buying pessimism. Developing relationships where you can fall out for ten minutes and get back on track. This agreement is healthy when it’s not perceived or done as an attack. Wouldn’t it be great if that empathy, that collaboration, that consideration was given even more in a workplace?

If you might be thinking, “Well, it’s too busy. We’re hectic. We’re firefighting.” One thing to consider is who and how are the … Who is starting the fires and how are they being started? Lots of fires begin because right at the outset of a relationship, right out the outset of an important project, there’s inadequate, insufficient planning, understanding, collaboration, and transparency. You’ll catch emotions but again if you are operating whether it’s a really awkward email, whether it’s that meeting where things really kicked off but the relationship isn’t sufficiently trusting or trustworthy where you can fall out and get back on track quick, you’re going to carry that emotion around for at least four hours. If you’re really peed off at 9:00, it could be after 1:00 you start to recover and you’ve already lost half a day. Then if you get peed off the morning after, you’re ruining your week. You’re losing up to twenty hours a week.


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