February 20

Vinh Giang Inspirational Speaker – Emotional Intelligence Coach

Emotional Intelligence Training, Motivational Speaking


Hi, my name’s Vinh, an entrepreneur, and a magician. Strange blend, I know, but, you see, I really wanted to make this video for Scott Watson, because he’s had an incredible impact on my life.

I just wanted to share with you some experiences that I’ve had with Scott. You see, for myself, as a business owner of two businesses, I really wanted to build my self-awareness. I believe that once you build that self-awareness muscle, you’re now able to help yourself. I think that’s the ultimate goal that I wanted to reach.

​I wanted to get to a place where I was able to help myself, but to be able to get to that point, I had to get rid of all my ego and understand that I needed somebody else’s help. I needed to build my emotional intelligence.

There were so many things that I wasn’t aware of, and by doing these wonderful tests with Scott, and also being able to sit and chat to Scott, personally, one-on-one. Even though it was via Skype, it was an incredible experience, because Scott has given me insight into who I am.

​To be able to talk about these vulnerable topics, gave me in-depth understanding and access to certain parts of myself that I’ve never had access to before. I can say today, I’ve been working with Scott for quite a few years now. I can say it with immense confidence that today, I have so much self-awareness. I have so much empathy now and I’m able to walk into a room and immediately be able to assess the social situation, and then be able to navigate my way through difficult situations, to be able to reach the desired outcome that I desire with my team. When I’m out with clients. Even when I’m out socially. It’s improved immensely.

​So, I just want to share with you a few concerns I had before I worked with Scott, in order to be completely transparent. Because, for me, I was really worried about my travel schedule. I travel all over the world and in every single week I’m in a different part of the world. Being a speaker, I travel quite a lot between the United States, Asia, and Australia, and even sometimes, the UK, as well. I was really concerned about how am I going to be able to speak with Scott while I’m travelling? I don’t want to do the phone, I want to see Scott. And, some reason, I forget there’s this thing called Skype.

​For some reason, I tend to forget I’ve got technology, but Scott has been wonderful and we’ve had multiple Skype sessions while I was in Singapore, or I’m in America, and the great thing is, just because I can see Scott and be able to engage with him more than just on an auditory level, but a visual level, as well. It’s helped immensely. I tell you what. I haven’t noticed anything that was negative about using the online platform. So, for those of you who are thinking the same thing, don’t let that deter you.

​Scott is a master of his craft and I’ve spent a lot of time learning things from people who didn’t really know what they were talking about and you just waste your time. But, when you spend your time with a master, it completely changes the progression of your learning curve. I can’t commend Scott enough and I can’t give him enough accolades. Scott, I love you. Thank you for working with me. And, if you’re thinking about working with Scott, get onto it before his diary is full!


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