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December 21, 2017

One Good Turn Deserves…a T Shirt

During a visit to Durham where I was facilitating an Emotional Intelligence Certification course, I spotted a bulging purse on a bench in the bustling shopping area of the city.

Rather than open it up I visited the tourist information office and mentioned I had found a purse and invited the two staff members to open it and see if there was any form of ID which would help find the owner of the purse. The bulge was from oodles of receipts but we did spot a mobile phone contract..including a mobile phone, which I called.

The owner (lady in the photo with me),was horrified to learn that a man had her purse. Being a proud Yorkshireman, carrying a purse is not my gig. Luckily, she worked in a fashion store less than 100 yards from where I was located and her purse was duly returned. And she presented me with a lovely t shirt (with her store manager’s approval) as a thank you. Honesty, Reciprocity, Kindness…and fashion, all rolled in to one little true story. Ho Ho Ho

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