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January 31, 2018

Emotional Intelligence Certification is becoming a more popular option with Human Resources Managers and Executive Coaches around the world.

With January 2018 recording a record 37 enquiries from across the world about how to become a certified emotional intelligence coach, my team and I have decided that it’s time to produce an Emotional Intelligence Certification course which is online and a virtual learning experience.

Personally, I believe you can’t beat in-person learning when exploring Emotional Intelligence.  I also appreciate completely that additional costs can be quite a headache when travelling to an Emotional Intelligence Certification course, which may require an overnight stay in a hotel too.  So, by April 2018 you will be able to enjoy an online Emotional Intelligence Certification training course, with me and my team of qualified Emotional Intelligence coaches.

Emotional Intelligence Certification courses will still be available in London, Birmingham, Durham, Leeds and Edinburgh if you wish to come along in person.  The online Emotional Intelligence Certification course provides so many benefits for a wider audience that it’s only fair that my team and I provide what eager learners want.


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