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February 5, 2018

The Important Role of Absolutely Not Knowing What You’re Talking About in the Pro Speaking Arena

In December 17 I witnessed a (not so professional) professional speaker present on Emotional Intelligence at a conference. It became really clear really quickly that the presenter had read lots of material authored by a very credible best-selling author on EI..and then presented the material as his own.

As a guest of the event organiser, I was disappointed that more than 200 trusting audience members had been treated, or mistreated by the EI presenter to little more than a ‘feel good keynote’ which had a closing comment of ‘Go for it. Just go for it’. No tools to apply, no tips to ponder, just an empty ‘Go for it’.

When I was introduced to this gent as the event drew to a close, our chat evolved to ‘And what do you do then Scott?’ I politely told him. He didn’t keep in touch

A major challenge for trusting buyers of external speakers, facilitators and consultants is deciding WHO to trust. Perhaps WHY to trust is also worth consideration.

It is SOOO easy to be fooled in to buying the Emperor’s New Clothes’. Perhaps asking for PROOF of competence & PROOF of having delivered value for clients is worth requesting. Soapbox moment from me, but an important one perhaps.

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