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February 15, 2018

It’s probably worth me explaining the situation i had when i was working in bradford and bingley the challenge we had was we had a very competitive market and we needed to ensure that we retained as many customs as we could which were being enticed away by more favourable offers elsewhere.

Perhaps the challenge that I presented to Scott was I needed somebody who would come in and actually help us to improve the way that we were handling our customer inquiries and look to retain significant levels of business the big issue for me with approaching most training companies was at Scott’s unlike the others was prepared to be accountable Scott was prepared to have confidence in the training that he was offering and was accountable we didn’t pay him if he didn’t give us the results that we were seeking.

Through working with Scott and Scott working close with the teams in a very short period of time we were able to actually increase customer attention the tune of about 8.2 million pounds which in any market is significant we were happy to pay Scott and I’ve always been happy to recommend Scott to others for this type of work where you want somebody who is accountable and somebody who is prepared to roll the sleeves of get involved in understanding your business and I look forward to working with Scott again in the future.

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