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April 16, 2018

Last week I presented at a client conference on behalf of A Speakers Agency.  The subject was ‘Going for Growth’ in an already successful and profitable business.  A leader in its niche.

A key area of focus was how to become even more effective leaders and managers in the business when things are going great.  I presented the findings of a survey my company did with 4,000 respondents.  The question was “What would your line manager need to do to enable you to perform at or near your best…by personal choice rather than obligation?

The most popular responses are detailed on the slide I am seen presenting in Helsinki last week. There may be no ‘shocks’ to speak of, but what I continue to find is leaders unwittingly believing they already do all of these important things.  Some unwittingly think they do lots of these things consistently…until they ask their team members!  Normally, the gap between the belief of the leader and the experience of the employees is vast.  And this provides everyone with an opportunity to plug the gap, to balance the imbalanced, and collaborate effectively.

Notice, none of these points relate to technical competence.  Not one.  They all though relate to Emotional Intelligence skills which every leader can benefit from.

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