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June 5, 2018

Personal Impact Training is becoming an increasingly popular training programme.

Whether it’s for a team of 20 senior managers or a one to one coaching personal impact training session for a specific employee, the value of and need for a greater awareness of our personal impact within our organisation is vital.

An important aspect of Personal Impact Training is developing specific Emotional Intelligence competencies including:-

  • Self-Awareness
  • Impulse Control
  • Assertiveness (Balanced)
  • Reality Testing

Personal Impact Training is often based on Emotional Intelligence is often the most suitable and valuable solution when an individual needs to or wants to be more aware of how their personal impact either helps or hurts dialogue, relationships, effectiveness and performance.  Usually, the completely independent perspective my team can provide, supported with a scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence assessment is all that is needed (reinforced with some practical, time-tested skills development) to make a significant improvement in personal impact.

Before you read the client’s testimonial below, why not get in touch with me or a member of my team if you would like to explore Personal Impact Training for your organisation?  You can get us on the phone by dialling 0845 052 3701 (UK) or complete the Contact Form.

The client project sponsor’s testimonial for the management training course read…

I commissioned Scott Watson to deliver a Personal Impact Training in Belfast.

The email response to my initial inquiry was swift, focused and friendly.  A second query was deal with by phone and it was clear that Summit was not only good value, but had also grasped my needs and had begun to think through a tailored event.

The draining day did not disappoint.  It was structured and flexible; challenging and supportive; tailored as well as focused on short and longer term outcomes.  It was also very enjoyable and developed the areas I had highlighted together with other areas identified by the Scott Watson.

I have already recommended Summit to a colleague.”

R Cushnie

Head of Civil Legal Aid Reform Team

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