by Scott

May 22, 2019

Simple Really…Or Is It?

Unconscious Bias training is becoming increasingly popular as an organisational priority. News channels regularly broadcast and publish reports of gender bias, pay inequality, top universities choosing to not select ethnic minorities, instead focusing on one particular part of our population, and even bullying and harassment cases can sometimes be directly related to unconscious biases.

This video clips is a visual representation of an unconscious bias example which, as you view it now (knowing it relates to unconscious bias), may appear obvious. But, when I ask audiences at conferences and training programmes this puzzle, only a small minority actually respond with the correct answer. Take a look and see how you do. Remember, answer pretty quickly.

Unconscious Bias Training can be valuable in terms of enabling your organisation to understand how it makes decisions (prudent and flawed) decisions relating to recruitment and selection, executive level decision making, especially as this environment can unwittingly and very easily lead to collective decisions being made by affinity, compare and contrast and self serving biases rather than following a healthy, transparent and challenging dialogue which mismatches thinking, challenges personal opinions which are presented as facts “Obviously, we all know that this is the best solution.” Nope! It’s not obvious at all in many cases.

The most beneficial way to deal with unconscious biases in an organisation, and at whatever level, is to create a healthy awareness of it as a subject, the key biases individually, and also link this awareness and understanding back to how your organisation can be hindered rather than helped by them existing, and remaining unchallenged.

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