by Scott

June 10, 2019

Emotional Intelligence can be easily applied to the presentation skills arena. How so?

Well, firstly people aren’t as scared of presenting as they might have you think. Their brain is actually focused on not failing; not making a fool of itself; of not looking stupid. You get the message, right?

And what drives this thinking that so many people appear to demonstrate? FEAR! That really is it in a nutshell. And what is fear? it’s an emotion of course.

My colleagues Rob and Dirk recently facilitated a presentation skills training for a technology company. The participants loved precision, data, evidence and such like. They were passionate about their role, their product, their thinking, and the products the company produced. And rightly so.

But how do you take that individual and collective technical expertise and passion, and package the information so that your audience, whomever it may be, actually WANT to engage with you, to listen to you, to understand you, and to create their own value from your presentation?

Well, Rob and Dirk did this. And here is the video feedback from the client HR Manager about her experience of the Mr Emotional Intelligence team throughout the presentation skills training course.

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