by Scott

April 2, 2020

How can it be that a ‘top team’ of sales professionals very successfully failed miserably at retaining customers, but a group of supposed ‘under performers’ very successfully succeeded?

Sell, Sell, Sell is often the focus for business leaders and business owners.  Of course, without sales and purchases there would be no commercial activity and the nation’s financial success would be rather limited.

Trust, Trust, Trust may be a less popular but perhaps more valuable focus during day to day growth activity.  Why?  Because the trust you develop with your prospective, current and past customers, can significantly influence whether during the down times, they choose to return to you and your business or to a competitor.  If of course they return to any provider.

This video clip relates to a project my company was appointed to in 2005.  The video shares with viewers not just the kind of learning undertaken, but the value created for the client organisation.  Yes, it’s an old project, Yes, the client company doesn’t really exist today, but, the results achieved then are proof that Emotional Intelligence, when applied intelligently, can and does deliver meaningful, often measurable improvements in key areas of a business.

What value have you delivered for your customers or clients that, if you asked them to share feedback, they would be absolutely happy to?  Even if not on video, it is this kind of candid, independent social proof that will serve to separate you from your competition and perhaps even help your business stick around when others aren’t finding that outcome so straightforward.

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