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Time For You To Become  A Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach?

Why are Credible, Certified EQ Coaches in high-demand even when training budgets have been slashed?...

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Achieve A Global EQ Certification

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Become a certified & recognised authority in Emotional Intelligence.

1 Year of Expert EQ Coaching

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Benefit from 1 year of expert coaching from Mr Emotional Intelligence®

Niche Marketing Coaching

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Avoid scattergun marketing & nail your niche quickly with our Platinum coaching.

Even The Top 1% In Their Niche Have An Emotional Intelligence Coach

What does one of the world's most popular keynote speakers on Entrepreneurship say about his EQ Coaching with Scott Watson?

Find out by watching the 3 minute video.  Would you like to learn how you can deliver this kind of value for your clients?  If yes...

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