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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
Integrity wins every time
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If you haven’t encountered it already in your career, you will do at some point…I promise you. There will be times when your personal values will take priority over ‘being…

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empathy and its value in asking questions
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Below are a number of language patterns for you to review and implement where you feel appropriate. The statements and questions are designed to gather information, boost understanding, clarity, and…

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how to manage a poor performer
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Managing a poor performer is one of the most frustrating, draining and time consuming activity you as a manager will need to deal with.  If you have already had to…

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performance management training 101
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Kathy, an under pressure contact centre manager with extremely high standards for herself and expectations of her team to match, was growing increasingly frustrated with one member of her team,…

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EQi certification course in London
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Due to demand, a EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360 Certification training course is being planned for Central London in November 2019. If you would like to find out more about becoming a…

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team building events
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Fancy a team development event that doesn’t take all day, doesn’t involves rafts, ropes or firewalks, but delivers a worthwhile message, practical tools and engages and energises your teams? 3…

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unconscious bias
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Lots continues to be written and broadcast about the apparent gender pay gap and how women have been discriminated against in terms of fairness of salary and benefits packages. BBC…

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Presentation skills training with oomph
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Emotional Intelligence can be easily applied to the presentation skills arena. How so? Well, firstly people aren’t as scared of presenting as they might have you think. Their brain is…

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Emotional Intelligence for coaches & Trainers
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Emotional Intelligence Training – Trainers and Coaches Need It Too! Emotional Intelligence Training and coaching is often reserved for managers and leaders. Why? Largely because managers and leaders are responsible…

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how to make good decisions with questions
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Decision Making Questions You Can Use Today If you haven’t already encountered this, you will do at some point in your management career. Indeed, you might be doing this already…

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