Emotional Intelligence for Leaders 


DHL Express', HR Director identified that the understandable focus on process, getting the job done, and on time, in a time-sensitive industry had become excessive focus and was adversely impacting employee engagement and collective team effectiveness and performance.  He appointed Scott Watson (based in the UK) to design, facilitate and evaluate an immersive Emotional Intelligence for Leaders training programme.


"The facilitation of the six days (in two modules of three days each) was SUPERB.

Scott Watson and his colleague proceeded to not just give participants food for thought, but also assisted the group to bond in a way that allowed for more open and helpful learning to take place. There were many ‘a-ha’ moments for participants.  I
 am very happy to recommend Scott Watson to any organisation that wants to truly push its leaders to look inward and find how they can raise their performance to the next level."

B Al-Azem
HR Director - Middle East, North Africa and Turkey

The Problem:

High Potential Leaders, each with their own specialist knowledge, skill and expertise consistently 'got the job done', but at a cost to relationships, trust and employee motivation and engagement.

The absence of a clear standard in terms of how employees and teams were to be enabled, engaged and supported to do a great job, and enjoy their journey too was damaging performance.

The Solution:

Six immersive days of learning delivered through a 16-week period.

Focused on developing greater self management capability alongside people management capability and employee engagement, exploring how to transition successfully from high potential leader to actual leader underpinned the key learning areas for this programme to prove such a success.

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