Emotional Intelligence Coaching For Leaders

Balanced Emotional Intelligence is the missing link that can transform personal and collective effectiveness and organisational performance.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Leaders

Whether the challenge be recovering from a major operational setback, stakeholder backlash, an unforseen drop in business performance or gearing up for a growth push, Emotional Intelligence Coaching with Mr Emotional Intelligence® will deliver significant value; for you personally; for you professionally, and for your organisation.

Mr Emotional Intelligence® coaching programmes are not for everybody.  

Please don't consider inviting our team to collaborate with your organisation if you aren't committed to an accountable & collaborative collaboration focused on delivering real value.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Leaders Includes...


90 Minute Pre-Coaching Discovery Session

Because you deserve to generate a genuine return on your investment in Emotional Intelligence Coaching, it is vital that we understand precisely your key challenge, your most important goal to be achieved, and also, how success will be measured.

During this 90 minute discussion we ask you lots of questions, listen intently and recommend a personalised approach that will deliver as much value as quickly as possible.  We leave no stone unturned.  The more we understand, the more beneficial our coaching collaboration will be.


Your Own EQ-i 2.0 Psychometric Assessment

Your coaching will be underpinned with the world's most credible, only scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence psychometric assessment took; the EQ-i 2.0.

Your Coach will analyse your assessment report and incorporate information from your Discovery Session in to the report findings.  This means you will be able to push the fast-forward button on your development as a complete picture has been developed.  There's no place for guesswork.


EQ-i 2.0 Assessment Coaching Sessions

Bite-size coaching sessions, normally between 60 and 90 minutes duration, focus on a specific area of development which is agreed in advance.

Your Coach will connect the dots of your EQ-i 2.0 assessment report and bring the information to life so you can quickly understand it, easily apply it, and see quick results from it.

Your Coach will equip, encourage and enable you to apply your learning in workplace situations as quickly as you can so that your progress becomes natural.


Workplace Development Project 

Your Coach will do everything they can to support you in proactively and consistently applying your learning.  The development commitments you identify during each EQ-i 2.0 coaching session contribute to your success.  We realise though that day to day pressures can get in the way and be used to validate not progressing with your development commitments.

That's why identifying and committing to a workplace development project is key to successfully embedding your new skills, awareness and tools in your workplace.  Relax, projects are big enough to deliver value; small enough to easily manage.


Midway EQ-i 2.0 Assessment Update

Reviewing your progress throughout your coaching programme is important.  Identifying what challenges have been resolved, goals achieved, value delivered and more are all worthwhile measures.

Also, reviewing how your Emotional Intelligence has developed is also key.  Imbalances identified at the outset of your coaching should now be more balanced.  Situations which may have previously caused you an 'OUCH' should be much more easy to deal with.  We then refine your development goals and commitments based on up-to-date report data so you can continue to progress.

What Clients Are Saying

"I highly recommend Scott Watson.  He is personable, approachable and fantastic at what he does.  His great banter makes learning fun."

Jessica Igoe

Chief HR Officer, Condatis Ltd

"Scott Watson is a first-class executive level coach and leadership development facilitator.  I highly recommend him."

Client Name

VP Airlines, DHL Aviation

"The leadership development programme facilitated by Scott delivered many 'aha' moments for our senior leadership group."

Basil Al Azem

HR Lead, DHL Express

"Scott Watson is a master of his art. He has enabled me to transition from an entrepreneur to a leader and I can't recommend Scott highly enough."

Vinh Giang

Entrepreneur & Keynote Speaker

"Scott Watson supported us on developing Emotionally Intelligent managers for more than 80 managers. Fabulous learning and great fun."

Alex Greenwood

Head of HR, Foundation UK

"Nullam tristique quismod esque felis arcut facilisis turpis auctor zurma sed ipsum eget equec."

Client Name


Why Invest in Emotional Intelligence Coaching?

Expert Coaching

 Each member of the team is an acknowledged Emotional Intelligence expert; not an over-excited generalist.


Your coaching programme is underpinned with the world's most credible, most trusted Emotional Intelligence psychometric tool.

Rapid Progress

Light Bulb moments are commonplace.  No stone is left unturned to enable the outcome and results you need or want.


Your coaching programme is completely confidential.  The only exception being if you have agreed for a third party to be involved.

Bite-Size Learning

Bite-size learning which is relevant, timely and action-focused is the best way to achieve meaningful results most quickly.

Better Balance

Your coaching will focus on developing areas deserving attention and refining and optimising what you already excel at.

From Scott Watson

Emotional Intelligence is often misunderstood; and easily dismissed as a leadership and organisational development tool.  Largely because supposed 'Emotional Intelligence experts', really aren't.  

They are at best over-excited generalists who 'dabble' in the subject rather than immerse themselves in learning it; and successfully applying Emotional Intelligence within the organisational environment.

The team at Mr Emotional Intelligence® are all acknowledged experts in the field and have a minimum of 21 years experience in successfully applying real Emotional Intelligence in client organisations.

Please don't be fooled by over-excited generalists.  Get in touch with our friendly team.

Achieving Real Results Matter

Client satisfaction such as this is achieved through an absolute commitment to learning and application of learning.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Are different coaching programmes available to those listed above?

Yes. Bespoke Emotional Intelligence coaching solutions are available if you require. The three options detailed above each have their own value and include a variety of unique approaches to deliver the results you want or need.

Who will be my Emotional Intelligence Coach through my coaching programme?

Immersion Coaching clients are personally coached by Mr Emotional Intelligence®, Scott Watson.  Breakthrough and Accelerator coaching clients are coached by a member of Scott's carefully selected and fully qualified team of Emotional Intelligence Coaches.

How is my coaching programme delivered
by your team?

Due to clients being located across the globe, Zoom and Microsoft Teams are the preferred methods of facilitating coaching programmes.  UK based coaching clients may prefer in-person coaching as normality returns.

What makes you so different to every other coaching company?

We couldn't possibly say; as we haven't researched the marketplace.  One key differentiator though is that the team at Mr Emotional Intelligence® are acknowledged experts in the coaching arena and have delivered more than £14 million of value for clients.

Does your company facilitate group events rather than just 1-2-1 coaching?

Absolutely.  Group events are designed and facilitated by our Director of Learning, and Certified EQ-i Master Trainer, Dirk Bansch.  Events are delivered globally either via Zoom or in-person at your preferred location.

What is the lead-time if my organisation would like to organise Emotional Intelligence coaching?

If your coaching is to be facilitated by either Scott Watson or Dirk Bansch, a 4 to 6 week lead-time is normally sufficient.  For a member of our team to facilitate your coaching programme, normally a 2 to 4 week lead-time is sufficient.

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