Are You Ready To Become The 'Go To' Coach for Business Owners?

Discover the faster, easier way to build & grow your coaching business using
Emotional Intelligence (intelligently).

Leading companies trust us to coach their leaders and teams to improved performance

How soon will you be attracting your ideal clients when you become a credible, certified
Emotional Intelligence Practitioner?

Why Emotional Intelligence?

EQ is needed now more than ever

Remote working has resulted in many employees feeling isolated, business bosses feeling completely overwhelmed, emotional well-being suffering, and uncertainty about how the future will play out causing leaders and teams to perform nowhere near their best.  The light at the end of the tunnel remains switched off!  And there is a clear financial cost to this that needs to be addressed rather than conveniently ignored.  Would you like to become one of those credible, qualified Coaches who can help leaders address this cost?

Training budgets have been slashed but EQ Coaching budgets have grown

Alongside overtime, training budgets are usually the next budget to be slashed or cut completely.  But with business leaders becoming increasingly aware of the need for and value of specialist EQ Coaching from qualified individuals, budgets are increasing for the right kind of EQ Coaching.

Gain A Globally Recognised Emotional Intelligence Certification

Business leaders are no longer fooled by Coaches professing their 'expertise' in Emotional Intelligence.  They want and are eager to appoint qualified, credible, EQ Coaches who can deliver immense value for their organisation.  The EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 psychometric assessment tools are recognised globally as the most credible, robust EQ tools.  And you can gain a globally recognised certification so you can administer these fantastic tools in your Coaching business.

Specialist EQ Coaches Charge Higher Fees For A Premium Offering

Our research identified that 79% of (uncertified) Coaches offering Emotional Intelligence Coaching charged clients a daily rate between £300 to £400.  The daily fee range for a Certified EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360 Coach is between £675 to £1375.

Why such a difference in fees? Unlike Certified EQ Coaches, uncertified Coaches lack any credible research, validated case studies, or rigorously tested psychometric tools in their arsenal....but they have read some books on EQ!

What Our Clients Are Saying:

'The leadership development programme was superb. I am very happy to recommend Scott Watson to any organization that wants to truly push its leaders to look inward and find out how they can raise their performance to the next level.

There were many 'aha' moments and the leaders left at the end of the sixth day knowing much more about their own behaviours, some of which were blocking elevated performance.'

Basil Al Azem - HR Development Lead,
DHL Express

'Even though Scott Watson is based in the UK (10,000 miles away) it was vital for us that a credible, collaborative and expert partner was selected to deliver the leadership development programme.  

I highly recommend Scott Watson to any organisation wishing to explore leadership development.'

Roshini Surendran - Production Director,
Marcus Evans Conferences, Asia Pacific

Gain A World Leading Emotional Intelligence Certification

In just 2 action-packed days, from the comfort of your own home, with Certified EQ-i Master Trainer, Emotional Intelligence expert & Trusted Coach to business leaders, Scott Watson.

There's No Place For Artfully Vague Psychobabble B.S. Here

What will happen to your personal and professional credibility when you enable your trusting client to create massive, positive and commercially beneficial change similar to the change below?

In my next message I'm going to share with you exactly how a Head of Division transformed from an unpopular 'slave driver' to trusted 'considerate leader' and delivered a £211,000 return on investment for their business.  The good thing for you as a Coach?

When you become Certified in the EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 tools,
you will understand how you can deliver results like this too!

Who Is Investing In 

Emotional Intelligence?

Even organisations whose training budgets have been frozen are investing in specialist Emotional Intelligence Coaching (and group Training too).  Which audience would you most like to serve when you become Certified?  

BONUS 1: When you're Certified I will share with you how you can push the >>fast forward>> button on marketing and begin to attract your ideal audience.

BONUS 2:  Tune in for my next message to learn more about bonus 2!

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