Can Emotional Intelligence REALLY help our organisation create a new level of engagement, support & performance for our leaders, managers & team members through uncertain times?

ABSOLUTELY...But Only When Used Intelligently!

Hi, I'm Scott Watson

For 20 years thousands of HR & L&D leaders and CEO's have trusted me and my team to help them transform the focus, effectiveness and performance of their leaders, managers and teams using Emotional Intelligence...Intelligently.  

And, if you give me a moment or two, I would love to share with you how YOU can intelligently and successfully apply Emotional Intelligence in your organisation to help:-

  • Employees manage uncertainty more healthily
  • 30% improvement in management effectiveness
  • £211,000 project delivery cost saving
  • 22% boost to employee productivity

When you register for more information, I will send you:- 

  1. Details of how an underperforming team generated a whopping £8.2 million Return on Investment for their organisation (in just 20 days) using Emotional Intelligence (intelligently), plus... 
  2. Video feedback from one of the USA's most in-demand keynote speakers on Entrepreneurship on how he refined and enhanced his ability to lead, influence & balance his amazing business success with greater health & well-being.
  3. A special, one-time-only Voucher Code you use to gain a £475 discount on my Virtual EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360 Certification programme...more on that later.
  4. 7 Reasons why Certified Emotional Intelligence Coaches within organisations can deliver genuine organisational value & do it all remotely whilst maintaining quality & value.
  5. And much more so you can see for yourself the very real value of Emotional Intelligence...when applied Intelligently!

OK, just in case you thought "£8.2 twenty days? Yeah right."

When customers are leaving in droves to competitors the traditional 'save the sale' approach rarely works effectively.

This forward-thinking Director at a mortgage lender decided to try out Emotional Intelligence using the EQ-i 2.0 assessment to identify the 'best fit' colleagues to create a result never before achieved by the business, despite 5 years of trying.

If a group of 6 supposedly under-performers can achieve this amazing result, how might your organisation benefit from possessing specialist Emotional Intelligence Coaching in-house?

Are You Open To Learning, Qualifying and Successfully Differentiating Yourself From The Masses of 'Jack of all Trades' Coaches, And Attracting Fees That Reflect Your True Value?

If you have explored Emotional Intelligence at all, read about it, dabbled in it, even been trained in it, it's likely you haven't achieved a globally recognised certification in it, your offering isn't underpinned with the world's most credible (and only scientifically validated) EQ psychometric assessment tool, and your ongoing development in EQ isn't supported and encouraged by a Certified Master Trainer of this system.  Am I right?

There's A Problem...

Many Coaches, Trainers and Consultants here in the UK have at best read a one or more of Daniel Goleman's books or found information on Google (other search engines remain available) and simply presented it to a trusting client or trusting audience.  But when questioned on the details of Emotional Intelligence, they stumble, they falter, they...blag it!

"Emotional Intelligence is about being MORE SELF AWARE" or so one supposed Emotional Intelligence expert claimed on Linkedin recently.  

No it isn't.  In fact, excessive Self Awareness can result in overthinking, over worrying, survival focus and stress responses which result in poor decisions, unhealthy living choices and damaged relationships.  And when high Self Awareness is partnered with low Impulse Control, you have a disaster just waiting to happen on your hands.

Don't People Deserve Better?

If you are one of those people who entered what really is the education arena to provide worthwhile, meaningful support for individuals, for groups, teams, organisations even, exploring Emotional Intelligence may be worth doing.  Why?

Because organisational leaders, HR bosses, and L&D managers School leaders, are crying out for proven, practical and sustainable solutions which can help them tackle and solve the significant challenges they currently face not just during/through Lockdown, but navigating out of it in to a new. perhaps uncomfortable, untested/ way of working.

Clever Corporate Strategy, Government Policy And Hope Alone Can't (And Won't) Solve The Problems Organisations Face

This EQ System Works!

Here's what just two of my corporate clients say about how Emotional Intelligence learning, underpinned by the world's only scientifically-validated EQ psychometric assessment tool helped their organisations to improve.

Based on my personal experience of learning with Scott Watson I highly recommend him for value focused, immersive and meaningful leadership development training (which is also very enjoyable).

We have already achieved some short-term, immediate wins following our learning with Scott and this is within just five days of the leadership development programme.

Peter Davis - UK HR & Finance Manager,

Veolia Industries Global Solutions

Everyone really enjoyed learning with Scott.  He gets the message across in a clear and concise way and you actually have fun too!

As a public sector organisation it is important that the Council generates value from its development budget.  Scott helped us achieve this by removing a reliance on an external provider for Emotional Intelligence coaching.

Kay Atherton - Head of OD & Change

Harrogate Borough Council

No, Emotional Intelligence Is NOT A Magic Pill...But...

Whatever you may have heard about Emotional Intelligence, it is NOT a Magic Pill, NOT a Magic Wand, and neither is it a 'Soft and Fluffy nice to have' skill.

When used intelligently though, Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Training using the EQ-i 2.0 psychometric assessment tool is a value-adding, proven, time-tested and often eye-opening experience for individuals, groups and teams.

Leeds Beckett University Realised The Great Value For Its Clients And The University In Becoming Certified In Emotional Intelligence

Expanding your client offering to not just include Emotional Intelligence, but the world's most credible, trusted and only scientifically-validated EQ psychometric assessment tools can literally be a Game Changer for you, for your business if you commit to it.

This team of Facilitators from Leeds Beckett University's Carnegie Outdoors business training arm began using their expertise within days of becoming Certified EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 Practitioners with me.  

When might it be your turn?  Just click the button below to find out more.

Already certified in a variety of psychometric tools, the University's business consulting and training arm realised that using the EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 tools to underpin client projects including Executive Coaching, Leadership & Management Development, Recruitment & Selection and more was vital.

Why?  Because building clients programmes upon the world's most credible & trusted EQ psychometric tools provided an opportunity for rapid change, a measurable return on investment for the client and to differentiate the University from competitors.

EQ Certification

The next EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360 Certification Training programme is being held on 8th & 9th August 2020.

Learn more about how you can achieve a globally recognised Emotional Intelligence Certification in just one immersive weekend.

If You Are An Existing or Aspiring Coach, Corporate Trainer, Consultant or Specialist Advisor Why Not Find Out More About How Becoming A GLOBALLY CERTIFIED Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Can Help You, Your Business AND Your Trusting Clients?
EQ-i Certification Graduates Already Include...
  • Executive & Leadership Coaches
  • Management Development Facilitators
  • Human Resources Consultants
  • Business & Recruitment Consultants
  • Life Coaches & Counsellors
  • Health & Well Being Coaches
  • Personal Trainers & Weight Loss Coaches
  • Business Psychologists
  • Outdoor (& Indoor) Team Building Trainers
  • NLP Coaches & Trainers
The Only Remaining EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360 Certification of 2020 Takes Place In...

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