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Already the undisputed leader in its sector, the client was keen to further enhance not just its financial performance, but employee engagement and employee satisfaction.

The client’s Head of Human Resources appointed Scott Watson to design and facilitate a two-day Emotional Intelligence for Managers training programme to be delivered to the company’s executive team. The response to this event was so positive that Scott was immediately appointed to facilitate the same programme for more than 100 senior, middle and junior managers within the company.

Client Feedback

"The Emotional Intelligence for Managers programme was very successful for several reasons including the content, delivery and the feeling of wellbeing and enthusiasm it generated in all those who attended it. 

Many of the hints and tips given are still being used by our employees as they aim to improve the way they work together.

I would highly recommend Scott Watson to anyone reading this who is considering running such a programme.”

S Ellis
Head of Human Resource

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Not afraid to share important messages without the sugar-coating, Scott Watson is an entertaining, thought-provoking Speaker driven to enable leaders, teams and organisations to boost effectiveness and performance, without it taking absolutely ages.

Scott doesn’t deal in psychobabble or boring theory; he deals in what works, and what is proven to consistently delver outstanding results.

If you want your audience to leave engaged, entertained, educated and committed to applying the tools and approaches they learn with Scott, perhaps getting in touch with Scott’s team may be a good idea?Scott Watson is an in-demand international Speaker, appointed by senior executives to deliver hard-hitting messages that not only resonate with your audience, but inspire commitment and intelligent action.

With more than two decades experience in coaching under pressure executives, high potential talent and under performing teams to create rapid, sustainable change, Scott shares with your audience precise, time-tested, easy to apply tools and approaches you can all immediately use.

Keynote Approach

Scott always designs a keynote presentation to match your organisation’s specific requirements. This ensures the key messages are not just communicated, but understood, and ultimately, acted upon.

A 30-minute telephone discussion with the events project sponsor is vital to ensuring Scott’s contribution to your event hits all of the right notes.

Your organisation’s financial investment is dependent on the number of audience members, time duration and location. Please enquire for more details.

Keynote Subjects

  • How To Lead So Your People Want To Follow
  • Emotional Intelligence – The Missing Link in Leadership
  • Why The ’Soft’ Stuff Delivers ‘Hard’ Results
  • How To Stop P***ing Off Your Teams (The EI Way)

If you’re interested in securing Scott for your event, you can get in touch via the Form below or calling 0845 052 3701 (UK).