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Management Training Courses Westminster

Emotional Intelligence speaker london
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A wonderfully hospitable client and a client who was very happy with my two keynote sessions at their company’s conference in London yesterday. The fast-paced technology industry requires a healthy…

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Emotionally intelligent managers
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Why Do Organisations Need Emotionally Intelligent Managers? Often Managers are promoted to this role not because s/he has demonstrated any competence, desire or willingness to achieve results through others, but…

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Communication skills training for managers
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Why To Stop Saying What You Don’t Want David, a 43 year old, passionate Customer Service Manager led 8 Team Leaders and 94 advisors. Hitting The Targets But Not Performing Well…

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5 ways to become a more credible manager
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Would you like to learn 5 quick and easy tips that can boost your effectiveness as a Manager? Here are 5 top tips on how you can boost your personal effectiveness…

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Emotional Intelligence Conference Speaker

I recently had the pleasure of presenting to an audience of senior managers and leader on using Emotional Intelligence to manage change and boost employee engagement.  Here’s a clip for…

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Management Development Training

Management Development Training often includes lots of exploration of management skills, management tools, and even unproven or outdated approaches which in theory sound great, but in reality, leave a lot…

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